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Introduction to Couponing

Couponing is an age old practice that helps consumers to save money on groceries, household items, health and beauty items and LOTS more. In order to get started with saving money with coupons, you should collect them. They can be found in magazines, newspapers, online, in the mail, along with many other places. They can even be purchased from ebay for a small fee covering the seller's time. You can even trade couons with others doing what's called a "coupon train" where members trade the coupons they can't use for ones they can use. There are many websites where coupons can be found to print from online for absolutely free. When printing coupons from online, you should always be sure to use your printer's best setting because if the coupons won't scan at the store then the store can't take them.

Some stores will double or even triple the face amount of coupons up to a certain amount. Make sure you always know the store's couponing policy.

There are lots of different ways of organizing your coupons. You can use what's called a coupon binder or another form of organization. Most people divide up the coupons by the classification of the item they are for. For example, a coupon for laundry soap would fall under household items, a coupon for butter would be under dairy or refrigerated items, or a coupon for diapers would be under baby items. Other people just file the flyers from the papers by the date of the papers. If you're going to be printing coupons from online or trading coupons, this may not work very well. Some people use a binder to keep their coupons in because the collection has outgrown the traditional coupon organizer.

There are actually two types of coupons: manufacturer's coupons, which are the ones you see with no store name on them, and store coupons which are for a specific item from a specific store. Some stores have cards that you can sign up for that give you further discounts on items from their stores as well. There are even stores that give you back coupons with each transaction that you do at their stores. In the fronts of some stores you'll also find machines which print store coupons (coupons for that specific store or chain of stores). You use your store card to print these coupons.

Most any grocery or discount store takes coupons. You'd be surprised what you can find coupons for. Coupons can be found for items such as clothing, resturaunt foods, eye glasses, photo sessions and lots more items besides the common coupons for grocery and household items. Couponing is one of the many ways that your family can save money. Some families save literally hundreds of dollars on just one trip to the grocery store. Just imagine how much that can amount to in a year. There so many coupons out there that are just thrown away which translates in to thrown away money.

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