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Cagney's Kitchen
(60 reviews)

Specialty: Breakfast & Brunch, Country Cooking, Greek, Pizza

1200 Central Street
Wilkesboro, NC 28697



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Kids Menu Available: Yes

Mon - Sat: 6am - 9pm
Sun: 7am - 2:30pm
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Come into Cagney's today to experience what real customer service is like! We are serving all types of cuisines from Southern to Greek and everything in between!

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Burnt my breakfast ham 1 paper thin slice burnt black on both sides. Home fries burnt so black it tasted terrible. I showed it to the waitress and was told see the manager not here! I used to like to eat there. I took a picture to show how bad it really was. Wow!

Service was terrible and slow. food was on the cool side. Never been back.

Great place to go eat!!

Ordered a 3 item seafood plate, when my wife brought it home, I could not believe the small portions of popcorn shrimp, flounder and oysters, my 7 year old grand son could have eat all of it and not be full,,,BTW my grandson is a small kid,,,,Will never eat there again

Excellent food and great stuff.

One of my favorite places in town.

Great food, great people, you will not be disappointed.

Food was average although my trip to restrooms did it for me. Nasty. And the whole place needs a remodel. The floors are terrible. It wasn't a good experience.

Great, great food!

I was so impressed with the price and food quality today for lunch at Cagneys. For $5.95 you have you meal, drink included and also a free busket of home chips. Great and fast service, so friendly atmosfer with excellent food... a great value for your money. I am going to try breakfast as everyone in town say is the best

Also, To extend my previous review.. I once saw the manager pick his nose and flick his booger to the front of the restaurant. Very NASTY environment. And that is a very, very true story.. ask any wait staff there what it is like to work there and they will tell you it is complete ****.

Cagneys is the grosses restaurant I have ever been to. Managers are HORRIBLE; They are Mean and very cheap and also treat all their employees like ****. The kitchen is absolutely disgusting. Managers are very gross with handling food. Trust me do not eat at Cagneys Kitchen.

Went for my birthday in June, ordered chicken Marcelle's. It was so bitter I gagged. It was floating in alcohol and so bitter. I called my waitress ,told her,she said can I get you anything else? I said just a grilled chicken breast.20mins later I got a price of chicken that was raw inside. I said bring me a take out plate and I'll take it home and cook it. They still charged me full price. I won't ever eat there again!!!!

The best breakfast in town! Keep it up

Terrible chicken and dumplings. Who sells seafood without the standard baked potato and coleslaw?

We went there on 12/28/2015 there were 11 of us the service was great and fast. the breakfast was the best around wilkes and we have ate in alot of places. very good food, and the staff is great. SO you little babies that cry about everything don't go out stay home and love your own food that probably sucks plus the service.

Great to have a place like this to eat in our county! Food delicious , great service! You guys are doing a great job!

Thank you Cagney's for the best Birthday Party you offered to our Grandmother! Best food , best service! EXCELLENT....

Best place to eat! Excellent service great food!

I cant believe the way the owners of this so called business continue to mistreat their wait staff. Everyone in this town has heard how hateful and mean this husband and wife are and we continue to give them our money for their crappy food. Americans don't treat people the way these forieners do. We respect one another. I could here the owner yelling at a waitress because she accidently told customer that the tea came with the meal.. waitress offered to pay for her mistake and lady owner kept yelling right in her face, waitress was crying and asking her tp please stop. I hope one day this town runs these folks outta business because they don't deserve our patronage. I will never go back there not only because of there abuse and disrespect but because I know they do not handle there food properly in the kitchen.. stay away from the eggs people! and too these so called business owners..how would u feel if someone treated ur children this way? Karmas gonna get u!

Me and my friend ate there today for the 1st time and the service is great, but food could use improvement. Both our mashed potatoes were cold and my mac and cheese was obviously instant because it had powder left in them. The country style steak w/ rice was good though.

Greatly improved since they first opened. Quality is great, service is fast and friendly, prices are right on target. Menu has a wide variety, and everything I've tried has been good.

Love it:)

I was working at here and the manager put me on call told me he would call me later on in the week if you needed me and I went back to work today to find out my schedule I was told I was terminated because the servers have decided everything he had on me was hearsay and he told me he could not say that I was or was not doing any of this because he cannot watch him all day he only has one server told him

Great food good prices and service is good😀

My wife and I are regular customers of Cagney's, and in our age (elderly folks) we eat there daily, since April. I must say that the food is wonderful and a large verity to choose from, however the service is the best we ever been - the staff looks so happy when we walk in. As busy as that place is, the staff including the Manager (Arian) find time to talk to us all the time and we deeply appreciate that. I would recommend it at any time to anyone

Excellent experience!!! Party of 17 and everyone agree that the food and service was Excellent.Cagney's is our new place for any party�.

Great atmosphere.Excellent food and friendly stuff.

Great place for big parties. We celebrated my dad's birthday and it was 28 of us. Everything was great (food and service) and my dad had a great time.

Food was not freshly cooked, came to the table cold twice! Taste like micro-waved and sent out.


Best breakfast ever !!!! Feta and cheese omelet is my favorite and it has plenty of feta every time i get it. The biscuits are big and fluffy. Delicious meals every time.

Great food. I had flounder and my husband had country style steak and were perfect . Service was great too.Our waiter was very nice and helpful. We love Cagney's

Breakfast was lousy. Rolls are not biscuits. Had spinach and cheese omelet. Spinach was not thawed nor drained and not enough feta cheese for it. I asked for more feta cheese and it was brought out in a sidebowl to dump onto the still cold spinach...yummy,? NO

Great food. Large portions. Very nice waitress. Will definitely give them my business again.

Excellent restaurant.Great food and great prices. We love Cagney's

Great food. Great atmosphere. Great service. We've not eaten there prior, so we wanted to see what it was like. I had breakfast for lunch. Son had kids meal tenders (buffalo dipped). Daughter had beef tips. I tried both of theirs and the quality and taste were rockin!! The mushrooms and tips were the best tasting I think I've ever had. Will be back!

Amazing place to eat. Great service

Freaking Terrible Service

Food was delicious and although, there was a small matter of something wrong with my daughter's food, the waitress insisted on making it right and the manager came to our table to apologize for the mix-up. My husband had the steak and said it was tasty. Our daughter got the spaghetti with meat sauce and loved it. I had the Baked Bacon Carbonara and it was delicious. Serving sizes are large so we had left overs for lunch the next day. Our waitress was positive and very bubbly and kept checking on us and kept our glasses full. Excellent experience

We love Cagney's. Great food. This is our new favorite place to eat

went there two times, both times service was terrible, messed up order, and they did not even ask how we liked it as we left. will not be returning any time soon.

Great service, good food

The food tastes like it just popped out of the microwave. The steak was all fatty and tough. The bugers taste like Great Value brand and the tenders are more then likely Tyson. My first call in order was entirely wrong. I asked for no onions at all, as I can not eat them. What was my salad covered with? Onions. There was no dressing, no condiments for any other foods and it all tasted awful. The salads are made from shredded lettuce, I mean come on, I know costs are high but when I'm paying almost $10 for a salad it better be premium. Wendy's salads are better and they're a fast food restaurant. I called to complain, nicely, the manager Arrium was nice but his employees are afraid of him, weird. I will never go back here, I recommend going elsewhere unless you want mediocre pricey "country" food.

Great food and the price is comparable and you get way too much food. You can easily get 2 meals out of one plate.

Food was OK, but not great and small portions for the price. Service was very slow, and no one seemed to know what they were doing. Maybe they'll get better in a few months.

A hostess & wait staff should appear NEAT & Tidy, as well as "Happy to see you there". Not have stains on their shirt, look sloppy, and be "to busy to be there" as we witnessed. Luckily, ours was very neat, courteous and "bubbly". The "atmosphere" of a floor that buckles under your feet and less than ample lighting may prove to be hazardous for employees as well as patrons. People like to see what they are eating and where they are walking. It just wasn't what we expected, at all, for "the new place in town". Good Luck to the owner, I'm sure he is aware of the "cosmetic" issues and is working to resolve them.

Great food and service. Have been several times. My wife, kids, and I have all loved everything we have gotten.

Excellent !!!!!!!!!! Great FOOD, PRICE, SERVICE I will keep coming back. Same all the other 5 location. Thanks George

The food was excellent and the service very good. Will be returning soon. Finally a good restaurant in this area!

Great food�.very minors problems but it takes time for everyone to know what they are suppose to do. They have have 6 successful restaurants. I'm glad they are here.

Great food, friendly people, I added there phone number.

why dont this restaurant have a phone number posted?

Even though it is about like the other restaurants in the area, I still give it thumbs up. I would still like to se an over the top, break out, really good restaurant come to town. I was hopeful this one would be it, but only time will tell if they will be more of the same of better.

Food was below standard. Had club sandwich was soggy, bacon wasn't crisp and tomatoes were mushy. Waitress never checked back until she saw we were leaving then gave us the check asked how it was when we said terrible she said oh. The manager asked gave the same response and she said 26.50 will not go back.

My wide and I ate here for lunch and were both pleased with the food and service. The waiter was very friendly and accommodating. Lots of food for the money, great portioning!

The service was sub par the food was just ok. When we were leaving they told customers there was a 15-30 min wait.....there were only 4 or five tables being used. I will not be returning and our office is within walking distance. Missed opportunity

Great atmosphere, food and pricing. Will be returning soon!

Calf's liver was excellent, very tender and well seasoned. Generous portion. Service was prompt and courteous. Dinner for 2 less that $18 and change before tip. Wife had omelet and both of us agreed it was one of the better omelets we had eaten.

Excellent food. A few minor things to work through, but they have other very successful restaurants, so I'm sure they'll be fine.

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