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Are AD's really needed


Posted 11:14 pm, 08/22/2020

There will be no football in Wilkes County this year. Heard it hear first. My prediction.


Posted 6:45 pm, 08/18/2020

Sports are not done, they just moved schedules around. AD's still be needed if no sports!!


Posted 6:59 pm, 08/10/2020

Sports is now done. No AD is needed. Teachers that are the coaches can manage it now, that is if there is anymore sports at all.


Posted 7:24 pm, 05/03/2020

Athletics are a far more involved process than they were some 20-30 years ago.


Posted 7:24 pm, 05/03/2020

Athletic programs rely on their gate money to fund everything. A boosters club aides but doesn't provide the bulk. The school has to be responsible for the gate money. You can't put the bulk of your funding in the hands of an outside program meant just for support and not the bulk of funding.


Posted 7:20 pm, 05/03/2020

Nah no negative for any AD's but why cant the boosters do the gate and the coaches take care of the rest. They did when I was young, a long time ago lol.


Posted 4:53 pm, 05/03/2020

It's extremely needed. Trust me. I know more about this than you. I've been there. The paperwork itself is enough. It helps take things off the principal that the principal shouldn't have to deal with. ADs at most schools are also responsible for taking care if gate money. Preparing beforehand and counting after.

I guess you just have a negative opinion of the AD at North, so you just decide an AD isn't needed.


Posted 8:24 am, 05/02/2020

Mich, this is not rocket science. Back in the day my coach did the fundraising, most still do today. Schedules? The coach took care of it with the coaches. Its actually pretty simple its just turned into another form of big government. It is really not needed at all.


Posted 10:30 pm, 05/01/2020

Do you not realize how much paperwork ADs have to do throughout the year?

Do you think principals should have to do all that eligibility paperwork, as well as aiding in scheduling, athletic budgeting, fundraising, supervison of all contest?


Posted 1:17 pm, 05/01/2020

In my opinion athletic directors are needed at each of our high schools but I certainly don't think we need a county AD. Principals have enough on their plate as it is probably.


Posted 10:56 pm, 04/28/2020

With athletics declining on the nation and in our own town is there a need for an AD at each school, let alone an AD over all the schools. Cant the coachs just report to the principal? Just curious to peoples thoughts on this.

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