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Posted 5:20 am, 01/09/2014

It never fails to amaze me how many judgemental @$$$ live in this county domibob, hot mess and absher3. I hope when you are having issues in you life no one shows you any compassion.

G&g, sgpb54 and Kayla, thank you for the kind words. I have made it known to my daughter, she's not allowed to come home. When she comes to get her clothes she must be accompanied by Sheriff depth. cause she also like to steal from me and her sick grandmother.

Her husband is Mexican and he is a good man! Better than most men in this town. I hope one day he can find a woman that won't abuse his love.

No my daughter shouldn't have been there in the 1st place, I agree 100% but that bar shouldn't be selling to minors either. That's illegal! They do it intentionally.

Sorry for the spelling errors... Sometimes auto correct does its own thing and I don't notice it has changed what I have typed.


Posted 9:51 am, 01/08/2014

. I'm sorry you have to go through this, but hoping and praying won't change your daughter.


Posted 7:40 am, 01/08/2014

They can do what they want at 16? You're still legally responsible for her until she is 18. After that, let them sit in jail for a little while.


Posted 6:29 am, 01/08/2014

Anyone that has raised rebellious teenagers know once they reach 16 years of age they can do and sleep with whom they want. If you didn't know, you do now! I have had problems with this daughter since she turned 16. I keep hoping and praying she will grow up and become a respectable young woman... But that is fading also.


Posted 6:25 am, 01/08/2014

They try to bad mouth Viva Mexico but he is the one doing the illegal stuff.


Posted 6:24 am, 01/08/2014

If this club was so incent why is the owner blowing up my Facebook with private message. I stand firm that I WILL NOT LET THIS GO UNTIL SOMETHING IS DONE. I have received messages from others that have family members this place has served beer to.


Posted 5:14 pm, 01/06/2014

Stay thirsty my friends


Posted 3:01 pm, 01/06/2014

that aint funny


Posted 2:41 pm, 01/06/2014

...except the OP's daughter


Posted 2:34 pm, 01/06/2014

its a good place..... no stupid red neck wikles county pillheads


Posted 9:43 pm, 01/05/2014

Or because you aren't telling the whole truth, and running his place of business down ?

~glitter and glamour~

Posted 9:21 pm, 01/05/2014

rainbow.girl1969 (view profile)
Posted 8:30 pm, 01/05/2014
Oh and if what I am saying wasn't true why would the owner be sending me nasty messages?

Because you are a nasty girl?


Posted 9:18 pm, 01/05/2014

Tarzan 22 (view profile)

Kayla, you have certainly revealed a lot about your character. If you are not married I see why, If you are, I feel sorry for your husband.

Not married, but a lot of my friends in school screwed up and married as soon as they graduated. By now, all but one of them are divorced, and the one that's not divorced is miserable.

I'm sorry, but when people get married that young, they WILL spend the next several years regretting it.

For the club, I don't know why any of the kids would go there and buy drinks. Everyone knows that you can get one of the old men that hang out near the ABC store to go in and buy you some liquor for $20. They'd be smarter to go there first, then go to the club, get drunk in the parking lot, then go in to party.


Posted 8:30 pm, 01/05/2014

Oh and if what I am saying wasn't true why would the owner be sending me nasty messages?


Posted 7:29 pm, 01/05/2014

Went to a non-alcohol club once. Was surprised to see the people at the table next to mine going out to their car for a drink, then coming back in every half hour. You could tell they were lit.


Posted 7:19 pm, 01/05/2014

I dare you to go to the news...they will laugh you out of the office

~glitter and glamour~

Posted 6:43 pm, 01/05/2014

Pretty sure that's ALE officer.

Hope that helps.


Posted 6:33 pm, 01/05/2014

Ok whatever should have expected smart *** coments from all the druggies in Wilkes County. I have tried to make he a decent members of society, get a job, got to school, something! Even here husband has tried! Places like Club Fiesta know they are selling to minors and don't care! My child is not the only one they sell to, it is going around WCHS(all races) that they can go drink there. When someone gets killed there or leaving there or kills someone in your family then you will be crying.

It hasn't been to long ago someone posted on here where their niece had there drink drugged there. Please get in touch with me, if there are enough complaints the AEL officers will have to do something! If they don't I am going to the news crews!

Tarzan 22

Posted 5:26 pm, 01/05/2014

Kayla, you have certainly revealed a lot about your character. If you are not married I see why, If you are, I feel sorry for your husband.


Posted 5:20 pm, 01/05/2014

Prolly a big gal that never got any attention until she discovered messicans...now, she's popular.

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