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Democrats are dumb


Posted 1:40 pm, 01/15/2019

In addition, here's wimpy McConnel in hiding. If he had any gonads he would be putting a proposal together with the whole Senate that they can live with. If Trump veto's it then they can overrule him and get on with life.


Posted 12:08 pm, 01/15/2019

the orange russian agent will give in thats what he does the hes is being a failure


Posted 11:58 am, 01/15/2019

"may be pouting " , of course he is !! No need to look to rump for any sensible leadership.


Posted 11:48 am, 01/15/2019

The GOP said a wall expansion was unnecessary for 2 years. Now its a national emergency! What a farce.


Posted 11:45 am, 01/15/2019

He may be pouting,but he's looking out for America, and he sure ain't hurting my feelings.How many do you wanna take under your wing?????


Posted 7:07 am, 01/15/2019

The one thing that Trump did that was his undoing is to brag about the shutdown. He threatened one various times during the past year, which makes him look the fool he is. A gov't shutdown is a bad idea period.
The big time "art of the deal" is not dealing, he's pouting.


Posted 5:23 am, 01/15/2019

Sometimes I build walls to tune out s.I heard an old saying one time, you can't win an argument with one.These days, it seems true.


Posted 5:16 am, 01/15/2019

Smonk, have you ever examined the FACT of how they drain our economy? Or the crime? Or the drugs? Or WHAT OUR DEAD VETERANS AND LIVING HAVE FOUGHT FOR OVER 200 YEARS? I dont think they died for letting or leaving the border open so anyone can come in and " just be". Or maybe they died for nothing, just to let the liberals give it all away?


Posted 11:33 pm, 01/14/2019

https://www-m.cnn.com/2019/...ex.html?r= https%3A%2F%2Fapple.news%2FAffUnt3-yQOWE9fOUGGmdsQ&rm=1
Rump's temper tantrum is hurting him and the GOP. The longer he keeps the shutdown going, the more Americans will support Democrats


Posted 10:29 pm, 01/14/2019

What you don’t get, you’re making Trump a martyr. You’re just going to turn off more Americans to the DNC


Posted 8:58 pm, 01/14/2019

Let trump build a big wall and at the ribbon cutting put his name on it in big gold letters like one of his buildings. Then lay the whole thing at his feet when it does nothing.

I believe anyone that's paying attention knows that the $5 billion is barely even enough to get started. The total estimate was around $50 billion, but would likely be a lot more than that.

And as I've shown before, the Secure Fence Act of 2006 barely made any progress at all over 5 years, so odds are that they wouldn't have laid the first steel slat by the 2020 election.

So this $5 billion isn't about the wall, at all. If the Democrats give Trump his way then he (and the GOP in general) will likely win big in 2020, showing that they beat the Democrats (who had the majority). And since the Democrats would have voted in favor of the wall, and it wouldn't have had enough time to fail, they couldn't use its failure as a campaign point.

At this point, voting for the wall would be political suicide for the Democrats. And giving up on his campaign promise will be politicial suicide for Trump.

Neither side can afford to back down, so it's entirely possible that we'll be in a partial shutdown until 2020. Which really helps Trump because it pulls attention away from his potential impeachment, and if the impeachment does happen then it will look like it's just spiteful retaliation for the shutdown.


Posted 8:48 pm, 01/14/2019

Look fins your friends are here.

jack rip her

Posted 8:40 pm, 01/14/2019

I would have to say Charlotte is or will be the crime cesspool. New black sheriff that turned loose illegals out of jail, fairly new black police chief that just likes to be on tv, a new black fire chief that cant keep personnel. Least I forget the new black mayor that wont pay the police department to stop it from bleeding officers.


Posted 8:31 pm, 01/14/2019

Cesspool fits it. And the point was acting like crime is something new in Greensboro is ridiculous. With 40 and 85 crossing there, it’s always been a hub. However, I’d wager that one of the coast towns with quick access to 95 would be a bigger hub.

Joe, i used to know a guy that was a bit slow (he died about a year ago). At one time he decided to get some goats. He didn’t have a fence, and they would go to the neighbor’s yard. They neighbor complained so he built a fence on three sides of his property. He left the road side unfenced because he didn’t know how to build a gate on the driveway. The goats never even tried to brake through the three sides of fencing since they could walk around it.

Joseph T.

Posted 8:15 pm, 01/14/2019

The lefts favorite white house reporter Jim Acosta showed just how well the wall works.


Posted 7:37 pm, 01/14/2019

Sure the crime rates are higher.

Buts it’s no La Saline.


Posted 7:34 pm, 01/14/2019

Greensboro a cesspool of crime?

Dude....I expect more from you than this.


Posted 7:27 pm, 01/14/2019

Greensboro has been a crime ridden, gang filled cesspool all of my life. 30 years ago the police department put a substation in the mall. To act like crime there is something new is absolutely naive.

Combine that fact with the fact that Greensboro has a very large addiction recovery community, with a very well known rehab center, it also makes sense that drug dealers would focus on the area because relapses unfortunately happen.


Posted 6:02 pm, 01/14/2019

There are many reasons why they shouldn't cave to this bully.

Among others is caving in will embolden Trump in his temper tantrums and embolden members of his extremist base to continue to threaten in order to get their way.

I don't want to pay the bill for a project with high symbolic value but questionable cost and effectiveness, we need to let our lawmakers know it.

Did you know that Despite the impression given by supporters of the wall, Sixty-six percent of the land along our southern border is privately owned. A wall would greatly impose on the property rights of these American citizens.

These are our tax dollars!

I say to them.. Hold The Line.

Do Not Cave To This POS


Posted 5:46 pm, 01/14/2019

Good point Chendo, the only issue is that if one mile gets built, Trump will claim it's working perfectly and his worshipers will believe him.

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