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FBI investigating Rudy Giuliani over information he released on Hunter Biden


Posted 3:48 pm, 10/20/2020


And Rudy is saving something important ten days before the election. And there's all those real journalist working on this story.
The New York Post has reason for revenge, and won't stop digging, and reporting. There's Peter Schweitzer, he has twenty six thousand e mails all from this same person in jail. He took the 'fall' for Hunter and co. and he's mad he's in jail and their not.. yet.
John Solomon, Sara Carter, etc... and there Dobbs,, Carlson,, Hannity, and many at OAN, and News Max..

Oh and there the censor's of tweeter etc,, and they made the story more important by doing it. Lots more people know the story now than if they had left it alone.

After watching four years of nothing but lies trying to remove a president.. I must admit I'm really enjoying watching everything about them, turn, and slap them in the face.
Good Stuff.


Posted 3:35 pm, 10/20/2020


Posted 3:18 pm, 10/20/2020

There is no chain of evidence here. It all hinges on the word of a computer techn. A computer techn with a political agenda. I would like to know who this computer techn is. Are the files actually Hunters or were they added by the computer techn? I can't repost an OP's post because I was reposting your post and making them say whatever I want them to say. It was a joke but Jason didn't find it funny.


Posted 12:43 am, 10/20/2020

1048, the National Enquirer of GoWilkes. Where do you get this information? The FBI has got enough problems with this ordeal other than Rudy. The FBI has had the computer since December 2019, the same time Nancy was pushing her impeachment hoax. . Christopher Wray will be history no matter who the next president is. The computer shop owner made a copy of the hard drive and when the FBI failed to act, the owner then made contact with Rudy. The signature for the work order is Hunter Biden, The Biden camp has not denied the authenticity of the computer or that it is Hunter Biden's computer. Now Joe is going into hiding for the next four days two weeks before the election. I am curious how Joe is going to explain in Hunter's email that he wasn't taken a percentage like Pop. On top of that, Hunter's old partner who happens to be in prison and can't understand why Hunter is not in prison with him, has released his emails which is going to detailed the Biden family corruption. It is sorta ironic that missing emails played a part in Hillary's defeat and found emails could play a part in Joe's possible defeat.


Posted 10:08 pm, 10/19/2020

By the way, how do we know that Hunter place porn on his lap top? If the story is true, the lap top has been out of the control of Hunter for over 2 years. Even a bad hacker could add porn to his lap top in 2 years. If I know your email address I could place porn on your PC while you are on CV making a fool out of yourself.


Posted 9:58 pm, 10/19/2020

The FBI says it is a Russian hoax. Do you know who is in charge of the FBI? Yes. Barr. Barr Trump's main man. God, you Trumpettes are such **** fools.


Posted 9:50 pm, 10/19/2020

Now, where are you getting that story? But so what? Hunter is not Joe. If your son commits' a crime should you go to jail?

old lady

Posted 9:39 pm, 10/19/2020

The FBI head that signed the subpoena for the computers works in the pornography department at the FBI. Why would he sign that subpoena if there was no porn on the device? Just read the stories online about what is involved.

old lady

Posted 9:34 pm, 10/19/2020

How do you explain the videos of Hunter Biden abusing very young girls on this laptop?


Posted 7:28 pm, 10/19/2020

When you actually stop to think, you realize this story is an out and out lie. Rudy and his Russian friend just made it up.


Posted 11:59 am, 10/19/2020

The problem you have is that Trump is a liar and all his Trumpettes are liars. I might believe it when someone is charged and convicted, not when it is misinformation in some tabloid.


Posted 11:56 am, 10/19/2020

So Rudy says. There is no real evidence or it would be in a court of law and not some tabloid.


Posted 11:54 am, 10/19/2020

The only people involved in this is Hunter Biden when he dropped it off, and signed the document.

too bad he forgot to go pick it up. And he didn't pay the shop owner for his work.
Now we have learned all about the Biden Crime Family and how they all got rich using the office of the corrupt VP Joe Biden.
Too bad there is so much more you will have to deny before the election.

And Rudy plans to release the Biden killing blow ten days before the election.
Just think mush brains.. President Trump already knows everything that is on that laptop.

If you think this isn't real, and isn't going to get much worse for Biden, the commie dems, and you , the only ones you're fooling is yourself,, and the other gullible mush brains.


Posted 11:45 am, 10/19/2020

If Donald Trump was involved in this, he just committed another crime. As for the lap top, Russia didn't have to plant it 2 years ago. They just have to say they did. If Hunter did actually commit a crime, why did Rudy release the evidence to a tabloid and not to a DA? The so called evidence was made up and Rudy knew it.


Posted 11:38 am, 10/19/2020

So which is it? You keep saying it doesn't exist but then you start a thread about how Rudy is under investigation for releasing it. Bwaaahaaahaaa


Posted 11:00 am, 10/19/2020

And just for fun...
Not only four more years as POTUS,,, but also a new golf course in Scotland, and over five hundred new houses.


Posted 10:54 am, 10/19/2020

ukrainian-lawmaker-says-government-seized-second-laptop-belonging-hunter-biden's business contacts.


Posted 10:49 am, 10/19/2020

-dni-john-ratcliffe-roasts-liar-adam-schiff-nbc-tells-maria-bartiromo-hunter-biden-emails are not part of russian disinformation campaign.


Posted 10:41 am, 10/19/2020

The New York Post's front-page article about Hunter Biden on Wednesday was written mostly by a staff reporter who refused to put his name on it, two Post employees said. Bruce Golding, a reporter at the Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid since 2007, did not allow his byline to be used because he had concerns over the article's credibility, the two Post employees said, speaking on the condition of anonymity out of fear of retaliation.


Posted 10:34 am, 10/19/2020

For all you mush brains who have once again bought into Adam Schiff's lies about Russia,,,

You will have to believe that the Russians knew about two years ago they would need to plant a lap top in some shop in the US connected to the Biden's.
You will have to believe that somehow the Russians got Hunter Biden's signature on the shop's policy document.
You will have to believe all those pics, and e mails are not real, even tho some e mails have been verified by the people that sent them.
In fact this is just a start of what the Russians would have to know in advance to carry this off two years before it was revealed.

I could go on with how dumb you have to be to believe Schiff in the first place. But when you apply simply logic, any healthly brain can see it's just not possible.

Logical thinking is not a mush brains strong suit,, if fact logical thinking is something they just never bother with.

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