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Giuliani and 22 other lawyers facing disbarments in AZ, MI, NV, NY, and PA


Posted 2:07 am, 11/26/2020


Posted 7:07 pm, 11/21/2020

Rudy is a SUICIDE BRUNETTE.....dyed by his own hand!


Posted 7:02 pm, 11/21/2020

Singer, you keep saying we are desperate. I don't get it. We are winning. You are losing. If anyone is desperate, it should be Trump and his Trumpetes.


Posted 6:55 pm, 11/21/2020

Singer, you and your type are the domestic enemies. I personally think you and Trump should be tried for treason. I will be willing to bet that before this is over, Trump will be.


Posted 6:18 pm, 11/21/2020

You're clearly a domestic enemy of this nation. Would you prefer I remind people what we are called to do to our 'Domestic Enemies"?

sparkling water

Posted 6:07 pm, 11/21/2020

At $20k per day, I doubt Rudy is worried.


Posted 4:33 pm, 11/21/2020

That was really pathetic. Would you like to try again? I was thinking about calling you a worthless piece of trash like you called me but I changed my mind.


Posted 3:40 pm, 11/21/2020

Dang, the commie dems are more desperate than I thought. What it really means is, they are getting too close and the cheaters and stealers are growing more aware of the damage it is doing across the country to their party.

Almost a third of dem voters believe the election was stolen from Trump. Your party is bleeding badly, and they have nothing but a bandaid to stop the bleeding.

Bluster going nowhere, and it's the same blue states where so much of the cheating went on. Are they foolish enough to think they can scare them away from finding what they want hidden?

And to cap it off, it's from a rag doing their part so mutts like you will pick it up and run with it.


Posted 3:31 pm, 11/21/2020

for filing frivolous lawsuits and trying to help Trump steal the election and dismantle democracy.

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