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Gun Forces Kid to Shoot Mom

Sparkling Water

Posted 4:49 pm, 05/15/2019

A lot of wimmin still discourage their kids from tendr.


Posted 4:35 pm, 05/15/2019

This day and time the kid was probably trying to kill his Mom because he couldn't drive the Jeep like he wanted to or some other reason he felt entitled too.


Posted 1:29 pm, 05/15/2019


The world we live in now is so full of snowflakes that they don't teach there kids anything.

Things need to be taught like, guns, respect, honesty, sex, and in general to be a good person.

sparkling water

Posted 1:26 pm, 05/15/2019

If not for the gun, the kid would have had to use a spit wad.

He could have passed along a nasty communicable disease.


Posted 1:07 pm, 05/15/2019

"Accidents" do not absolve people from responsibility. To not secure a firearm is reckless...hence the charge

How on earth are there 8 year old kids who do not know what to do when they find a gun? Let alone know the difference between a toy and a real gun?

Was the boy speshul?


Posted 12:59 pm, 05/15/2019

“Gun Forces Kid to Shoot Mom”

I bet he wouldn’t have shot her without a gun.

Ain’t that always the case, though?


Posted 12:56 pm, 05/15/2019

I don't agree that the man that owned the vehicle should have been charged.

The 76 year old man took his WWII antique Jeep to be on display at an event, and this kid got inside and started crawling around. He found a gun that he thought was a toy, pulled the trigger, and shot his mom.

This sounds to me like a simple accident. The man shouldn't have left his gun in the car for the event, but the kid shouldn't have been crawling around inside of an antique on display, either.

Accidents happen.

sparkling water

Posted 12:34 pm, 05/15/2019

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