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Jason, why are you allowing hate speech toward gays on your site?


Posted 3:51 am, 05/29/2023

Thomas Hobbes

Posted 7:52 pm, 05/28/2023

1048 you have standing here you fought for and are a communist

WTH are you talking about and where are you getting this crazy stuff? My guess is chendo is spreading mote crazy shiz on messenger.


Posted 2:22 am, 05/29/2023

"im just as God made me and he makes no mistakes."

OK then, no one should be trying to change the gender of a child because God made them that gender 😊

Tilly, did you know that in about 1 in 500 births the baby's gender is ambiguous, so the doctor performs a surgery to make them more "normal?"

With about 10,687 births in the US each day, that's about 20 babies born every day that are given some sort of gender surgery. Not even counting the 1 in 100 "whose bodies differ from standard male or female."


Posted 8:22 pm, 05/28/2023

@JC dude,from what I've discovered. You and I are both. Longtime dubya dubya vets since it began. Many platforms are evolving daily. Remember the search engine Northstar? Dam I'm old.HA!
When you DO get any free time? Hit me up,I may be of help.
Oh to stay on topic? Even though I'm com with the dam webmaster.
The Bible says a man should not lay with another man. It's there,READ it. Your soul,your business. In my life,nothing is pretty much any of my dam business *message(thanks Keenan Ivory Wayans)
I answer for me. You answer for you. None of us are anyone's judge. It belongs to G O D.


Posted 8:14 pm, 05/28/2023

Thomas hasn't figured it out yet.

Thomas Hobbes

Posted 7:52 pm, 05/28/2023

1048 you have standing here you fought for and are a communist


Posted 6:20 pm, 05/28/2023

In real life there are 2 types of humans. Modern humans (liberals) and subhumans (conservatives).

Thomas Hobbes

Posted 6:17 pm, 05/28/2023

In the real world there are only 2. And you are born that way


Posted 5:40 pm, 05/28/2023

Do you know the difference between sex and gender, Tilly?


Posted 5:15 pm, 05/28/2023

People being forcibly sterilized and minors choosing to transition are two completely different things. And reassignment surgery for minors is incredibly rare.


Posted 4:12 pm, 05/28/2023

Remember when doctors decided to sterilize certain people because they thought it was the best heath care for them?

They caused irreversible harm to many people and most of society went along with it.
Wouldn't you agree the doctors and professionals made a mistake here G1?

"In the late 1960s, Elaine Riddick, a fourteen-year-old Black girl was sterilized while giving birth. Doctors and the North Carolina Eugenics Board considered her "promiscuous," despite the fact that her pregnancy was the result of a rape, and "unable to get along with others." While there was a consent form for the operation, it was signed with an "x" by her grandmother who could not read. It's unclear if her grandmother understood what the surgery meant and Elaine, herself, didn't know she had been sterilized until she was 19 and wanted to have more children"

Doctors who preform gender reassignment surgery on minors are effectively sterilizing them when they are too young to realize what is being done to their bodies. Doctors make mistakes too.


Posted 3:24 pm, 05/28/2023

Not really, if the child, parents and physician's concur then gender reassignment is up to them, not us!

We cannot know the emotional and mental status of these patients, no matter their age.

Healthcare in all it's forms should be made safe to all!!!!!!

Thomas Hobbes

Posted 3:15 pm, 05/28/2023

Excellent point. Tilly is right and wins


Posted 3:13 pm, 05/28/2023

"im just as God made me and he makes no mistakes."

OK then, no one should be trying to change the gender of a child because God made them that gender 😊


Posted 2:03 pm, 05/28/2023

My dad was left-handed.

He always had a joke, "only left handed people are in their right mind!"


Posted 1:58 pm, 05/28/2023

"And well into the twentieth century neither were left-handed people so that's a mighty week argument on your part."

Oh how true this is, I was called a cripple for being lefthanded in grade school!!!


Posted 1:39 pm, 05/28/2023

Walk slowwwly away from google..Google...

I'd love to, @|METALTRUCKER|, as soon as I find an alternative!

We lost all but three advertisers during the pandemic (from about 300), which of course meant that we lost of all our employees, too. Now I'm in a position where the sites have more users than ever, but I can't find employees and local ads aren't coming in on their own.

Until local businesses start to take up the slack, or until something better comes along, I don't have much of a choice but to bend the knee to the Great and Powerful Gods of Google


Posted 7:14 pm, 05/27/2023

Sure, I can sue. Anyone can sue anyone.

Thomas Hobbes

Posted 7:10 pm, 05/27/2023

1048 you can't sue


Posted 7:02 pm, 05/27/2023

Hepsibah (view profile)

Posted 6:42 pm, 05/27/2023

ohhi, you've got a good attitude. Peace to you.

Who needs a good attitude when you can sue.


Posted 6:58 pm, 05/27/2023

Yea, if we let you have your way things would be fine, for you. You are not that important.

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