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Makers Mark nearly killed me..


Posted 12:22 pm, 04/16/2019

I don't really like whiskey, but I've tried Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Jameson Triple Distilled, and Makers Mark 90 proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon

To me, Makers tasted like gasoline

Jameson was disgusting, I don't know how people drink that. They said to add some lime juice, but it's gonna take a LOT of lime juice to cover up that level of nasty!

Jim Beam was OK. I think the one I tried was pretty low end, I could probably drink a better version

Or I'll just let Af pick a good one out for me


Posted 11:35 pm, 04/15/2019

Yea. I prefer bourbon on the hot side....100 proof, but prefer barrel proofs which can range.

Ive had some as hot as 138.9 or it might have been 139.8 it was an Elijah Craig barrel proof probably released around 2016 it was still very enjoyable and tasty, maybe a small flick of water on the top. George T Stagg this year past year was 124.9 and an amazing elixir.


Posted 10:41 pm, 04/15/2019

The problem with whipped cream vodka is it’s 70 proof. And take my word for it, straight up is a bad idea. Very bad idea...


Posted 10:02 pm, 04/15/2019

Shooters. Not chapters


Posted 10:02 pm, 04/15/2019

Plenty of brands make whipped cream vodka, not so sure about it straight up...but can definitely make some cool chapters.

For instance whipped cream flavored and orange flavored makes a creamsicle.


Posted 10:00 pm, 04/15/2019

Makers is decent, but I probably haven’t bought a bottle in over a decade. There are so many more enjoyable bourbons out there.


Posted 9:56 pm, 04/15/2019

You know what else is really good? Whipped Cream Vodka. I forget who makes it, but it's goooood!


Posted 9:33 pm, 04/15/2019

The best choice though, is if you can find it, get a bottle of Ripple, mix it 50/50 with some champagne. Then enjoy some Champipple


Posted 9:30 pm, 04/15/2019

OK, I shouldn’t have lied.

She doesn’t black out. She holds her liquor well. But the rest is true. :)


Posted 9:25 pm, 04/15/2019

If where you want to go is to pray to the porcelain god


Posted 9:15 pm, 04/15/2019

Don't be spreading lies, now! Who do you think keeps buying the Mad Dog for me?

For real, though, try it. And pick up some Night Train, too! It's not as good as Mad Dog, but it'll get you where you wanna go


Posted 9:08 pm, 04/15/2019

I’ve been trying to teach her better, but after she gets drunk, she blacks out and the clothes come off, then she starts back on the MD20/20


Posted 8:50 pm, 04/15/2019

Eh, get some Gentlemen Jack if you want something on the smooth side.

I don't care for Makers Mark, it's not that bad though.

Somebody take Kayla drinking ASAP


Posted 8:46 pm, 04/15/2019

I keep telling you, try Mad Dog 20/20! How can a billion winos be wrong?


Posted 8:41 pm, 04/15/2019

I wouldn’t have suggested Makers. It’s a little on the artificial smoke flavor. I would have suggested starting with some Eagle Rare, or Elijah Craig for a beginner. But yeah, i drink it. Try some Angels Envy if you need something lighter to start with.


Posted 8:35 pm, 04/15/2019

My grandpa sold a man a gallon of brandy back years ago. Man went on a week end bender and came back and calmed it was poison Grandpa told him it wasn't the quality of the shine but the quantity that made him sick


Posted 7:32 am, 04/15/2019

Sippin whiskey. That little bottle should not have guzzled.


Posted 7:27 pm, 04/14/2019

Straight up or one ice cub....sippin' whiskey.


Posted 6:44 pm, 04/14/2019

Yes, over ice cubes sometimes, the rest of the time straight.


Posted 6:40 pm, 04/14/2019

Sooooo, because cheap Canadian whiskey was kicking my butt and making me feel angry and hungover, I opened the old wallet (a few moths flew out) and I bought a tiny bottle of Makers Mark. It was so stout it nearly knocked me out of my shoes at the first sniff. Do y’all hard arses really drink that stuff?! Sheeeeew.

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