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Post if you agree with Trump's handling of the Coronavirus


Posted 10:08 pm, 03/27/2020

Purlear1 (view profile)

Posted 6:27 pm, 03/25/2020

I, for one think he has handled this better than any previous President.

That comment earns the award for the most comment of 2020; this country has not endured a worse pandemic since the Spanish Flu in 1918 so how can you state with all sincerity that Bone Spurs has handled this better than any other POTUS??


Posted 3:34 pm, 03/27/2020

I'll alert the ABC store to get ready, then.


Posted 3:28 pm, 03/27/2020

I might donate it to a needy Republican that wears a Trump Hat and Make America Great tee shirt.


Posted 2:54 pm, 03/27/2020

Are you refusing your check?


Posted 2:41 pm, 03/27/2020

You Democrats that are not worried about the economy are going to be crying in your soup if your welfare checks stop coming. Hope Nancy with all her millions will help you out.


Posted 2:27 pm, 03/27/2020


Posted 7:33 pm, 03/26/2020

~glitter and glamour~

Posted 7:24 pm, 03/26/2020

These nurses have and are wearing proper PPE under the garbage bags, as noted by the hospital.

This may have just been posted as a joke by the nurses and not meant to be used as political propaganda.


Posted 7:11 pm, 03/26/2020


Posted 4:56 pm, 03/26/2020

For Hangs, yet again spreading lies.

The claim that Trump called the coronavirus a "hoax," was debunked by The Washington Post, FactCheck.org, PolitiFact, Check Your Fact, and Snopes. As The Daily Wire previously reported, Trump didn't call the coronavirus a hoax; he was calling the Democrat claim that he wasn't doing anything about the coronavirus a hoax:


Posted 3:30 pm, 03/26/2020


-poll-shows-public-approves-everyones-handling-coronavirus-except the media

And all you little insignificant mush brains.

Flatlander Now

Posted 3:24 pm, 03/26/2020


Posted 2:18 pm, 03/26/2020

President Trump's job approval numbers are surging to the best figures of his 3.5 year-old presidency.

According to the RealClearPoltiics poll of polls, Trump's approval rating sits at a very healthy 47 percent, beating his previous record of 46 percent by a full point.

What's more, Trump's disapproval rating dipped to 49.5 percent, his best showing since February of 2017, the month after he assumed the presidency. In fact, this is the first time his disapproval rating has been below 50 percent since February of 2017.

Here's some context...

Ten days ago, Trump's average approval rating was three points lower at 44 percent, while his disapproval rating was 3.5 points higher at 53 percent.

In just a little over a week, Trump's numbers have improved by a net 6.5 points.

This, of course, is due to the president's handling of the medical and financial crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. On that specific front, the most recent polling shows that either a plurality or an outright majority approve of the job he's doing handling this crisis. A recent Gallup poll showed a 60 percent approval rating.

There are six obvious reasons for this...

Trump's early travel ban (January 31) looks smarter by the day, and the fact he imposed these bans while the media and China Joe Biden smeared him as a racist, proves it was a real act of leadership on his part. The European Union waited until about two weeks ago to institute travel bans, and look at what's happening to them. Trump likely stopped somewhere around a half-million travelers from epidemic areas from seeding into our country.Trump's daily press briefings allow him to go over the heads of the fake news and communicate directly with the American people. Millions and millions are tuning in. This is especially true now that he's moved the briefings to prime time. And this is why the media are now eager to blacklist these briefings, and a number of far-left outlets, like CNN and NBC News, have already begun to do so.Trump's shown some truly dynamic, outside-the-box thinking in handling these dual crises, especially his leadership in slashing red tape, cutting regulations, and involving the private sector. This is a president who just wants to get things done, and things are getting done.Trump's daily briefings involve impressive experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Brix. The media are desperate to pit both against Trump, and sometimes they do contradict him a bit, but I think the public appreciate that, appreciate a president willing to have what amounts to a public debate about what to do when you have medical and economic meteor both hurtling towards the country. That tension is healthy and allows the public to make up their own minds.Trump is working well with Democrats, like Governors Newsom of California and Cuomo of New York, which is crucial because those two states are major hot spots. He also worked with Democrats in the U.S. Senate to pass this $2 trillion stimulus. People want to see that kind of cooperation now.The media are just awful, and Trump handles their awfulness with such skill, and that skill gives the public confidence in his competence. This is not a president who can be caught off guard, who doesn't know his own mind, who doesn't have the answers. That is exactly what you want to see in a leader during a crisis. The media have become the perfect foil for Trump and that fact is obviously driving them crazy, which is why they are asking questions as as, How many deaths are acceptable? Bottom line: The president is doing a good job and the people see it.


Posted 11:07 am, 03/26/2020

fuzzbug (view profile)

Posted 9:55 am, 03/26/2020

Please tell us which Democrat you think could handle it better, ( Their pictures are at the bottom of this page}

ANY functioning adult would do a better job

Still no cult members willing to die for Boeing or Trump's reelection? Come on, step up for the orange fraud, he would do it for you. Wouldn't he?


Posted 10:49 am, 03/26/2020

NYU is actually allowing medical students to graduate early to help out in hospitals.


Posted 10:31 am, 03/26/2020


Hillary is a murderer

Posted 10:29 am, 03/26/2020

Cuomo is the biggest dumdum in the Democrat party.

He complains that his state is not getting enough incubators and face masks from Trump yet he is from the party that created the shortages. Remember when ObamaCare increased the taxes on medical devices? This price increase caused a decrease in demand and manufacturing which contributed to the current shortage.

He also complains that his state doesn't have enough hospital beds and Trump should help out. Yet his state has the certificate of needs laws that has prevented the construction of more hospitals. Typical liberal Democrat - It's always someone else fault.

And since when is it the responsibility of Trump and the Federal Government to supply New York with medical devices and hospital beds?


Posted 10:05 am, 03/26/2020

He needs to take care of New York and try to keep them up there We didn't need the big city liberals before the virus, and sure don't need them now


Posted 9:57 am, 03/26/2020

Cuomo ain't afraid to sit them strait


Posted 9:56 am, 03/26/2020

Trump has proven over and over again during this crisis that he is a complete tool.

It's a hoax, it will be at zero very soon, we are working with Google, the lies just keep rolling off his tongue.

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