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Republicans.... Get Ready 4 Yet Another Loss In Trump Country!


Posted 2:34 pm, 03/16/2018


Republicans already have spent nearly $10 million on ads in this month’s upcoming special congressional election in Pennsylvania " a remarkable sum given that the state’s new congressional map will fundamentally alter this district in November.

And they’re expected to spend an additional $2.5 million before the March 13 race.

According to ad-spending data from Advertising Analytics, Republicans as of last week had outspent Democrats by more than a 2-to-1 margin in this race between Democrat Conor Lamb and Republican Rick Saccone, $6.7 million to $3.1 million.

But Lamb had outspent Saccone over the airwaves by a 4-to-1 margin, $2.4 million to $660,000. And because campaigns get discounted ad rates " while outside groups typically pay more " the number of overall broadcast TV spots has been nearly even (3,130 GOP spots as of last week, versus 2,193 for Democrats.......ONE BY ONE THE "TURDS" ARE BEING FLUSHED DOWN!


Posted 2:27 pm, 03/16/2018

That slim margin " out of almost 230,000 ballots cast in a district that Mr. Trump carried by nearly 20 percentage points in 2016 " nonetheless upended the political landscape ahead of November’s midterm elections. It also emboldened Democrats to run maverick campaigns even in deep-red areas where Republicans remain bedeviled by Mr. Trump’s unpopularity


Posted 10:34 pm, 03/15/2018

Tards will be voted out by the scores in November, as Democrats retake Congress

sparkling water

Posted 2:15 pm, 03/15/2018

Your bull is dying of shiddiness, rose bucket.


Posted 2:12 pm, 03/15/2018

Repubs are the masters of stealing elections. Rump himself admittedany times during.tje 2016 campaign.thst the election.is rigged. Tards, as usual, saying Democrats are doing what the tards themselves are guilty of.

this n that

Posted 1:29 pm, 03/15/2018

And if you had actually read, and comprehended what I posted about dems cheating in this election.. it would have helped you to 'get it'.

this n that

Posted 1:25 pm, 03/15/2018

See? I knew you really didn't 'get it".. I am the strongest Trump Supporter on this site.

I think he is Magnificent, and will be reelected.

See how much I 'get it"?

You need to brush up on 'getting it'.


Posted 1:18 pm, 03/15/2018

You hate Trump so much but look what he has done for us?

this n that

Posted 1:17 pm, 03/15/2018

I get that these election results will be going to court because voters that say they voted for the republican saw their vote changed to the democrat.

What's hard to 'get' about that.? Whenever there's an election, the dems are always caught cheating.

They call for recounts that suddenly show the number of votes listed on the box don't tally with the votes inside the box... and since they were caught they call off the recount.

That happened in the pres. election.

I get that gandy is a brainwashed loser that never knows what he's talking about, but no one expects him to.

I get that gamer thinks he/she 'gets it" , but has no idea what 'IT' is.

I get that the bottom line is that dems have been caught trying to steal another election, and their declarations of victory are highly exaggerated.


Posted 12:28 pm, 03/15/2018

And the pot called the kettle black ?


Posted 12:22 pm, 03/15/2018

Smh you all dont get it do you

this n that

Posted 12:02 pm, 03/15/2018

You brainwashed libs are celebrating too early.

There's evidence to suggest the democrat party has been caught cheating again.

Once again it's looks like the dems can't win an election without cheating.

Washington Free Beacon reports:

Lamb currently leads Republican Rick Saccone by just 627 votes and there are still absentee and provisional ballots that have not been tabulated, but Republicans are already preparing for the likely recount and even a possible lawsuit regarding issues at polling sites, according to a Republican source familiar with the deliberations.

“We’re actively investigating three instances and likely to file court action on them,” the source said.

Among the listed concerns are “miscalibrated” voting machines in Allegheny County, the only county of four in the district that went for Lamb, according to the source, who said there have been many reports of voters who intended to vote for Saccone ending up casting a ballot for Lamb.

Furthermore, Republicans say their attorneys were ejected from polling sites as the absentee ballots were still being counted and that due to confusion caused by the Pennsylvania secretary of state website people were directed to the wrong polling locations.

We’re actively investigating three instances and likely to file court action on them,” a source revealed the Washington Free Beacon.

The NRCC has released a statement on the race: “This race is too close to call and we’re ready to ensure that every legal vote is counted. Once they are, we’re confident Rick Saccone will be the newest Republican member of Congress.”


Posted 8:06 am, 03/15/2018

Time for a massive flush of Retardicans in November ROTFLMAO


Posted 4:07 pm, 03/14/2018

Read it and weep, Conservatards


Posted 4:00 pm, 03/14/2018

Good news for America. Bad news for the Reich Wing Collective Sniffers


Posted 9:57 am, 03/14/2018


Posted 7:08 am, 03/14/2018

GandyDancer: Unfortunately, for Repubs, a Hairpiece endorsement seems to be little more than a kiss of death.


Posted 1:40 am, 03/14/2018


Posted 1:08 am, 03/14/2018

Congratulations, Congressman Lamb. Another Repub Fascist bites the dust


Posted 9:04 pm, 03/13/2018

For the White House and its Republican allies, a Tuesday loss would represent both a profound embarrassment and major cause for concern in the broader push to defend majorities in the U.S. House and Senate.

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