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The only thing good about Wilkes county


Posted 4:58 pm, 01/14/2018

This comes from a person(frank1) who has meth parties with crack hoes with STD's and has a death from over dose every week.


Posted 7:10 am, 01/14/2018

So you're saying if an airplane flew over spraying us with mustard gas or something similar, it wouldn't affect us? Did something occur to you earlier in life that affects your brain. You must live with someone who tends to you because I don't think you could make it on your own. Or do you stay drunk?


Posted 5:24 am, 01/14/2018

You want something good about Wilkes? How about: The people?


Posted 3:32 am, 01/14/2018

i could care less about wilkes i leaveon weekends NOTHING here to do UNLESS you do DRUGS & i DONT


Posted 2:38 am, 01/14/2018

And getting the large amount of high-strength aluminum tubing needed to do so will attract the attention of Big Brother


Posted 2:35 am, 01/14/2018

The biggest challenge is purifying the uranium ore


Posted 1:51 am, 01/14/2018

nukes seem fairly simple to make once you realize how that are made. I am thinking I could build one if I had a few hundred thousand laying around. The technology is not hard, it is getting your hands on unstable nuke material. With a little research and planning, that wouldn't be to hard.


Posted 1:39 am, 01/14/2018

I hope that the world has enough sense to not engage in nuclear war because the chain-reaction retaliations could end all life on Earth.....I don't think any nation is willing to play with that stick of global dynamite. ....the biggest threat as far as nukes are concerned is not from a nation but from rogue individuals who are on a suicide mission and desire to take everyone with them.....if someone like that managed to get his or her hands on a nuke, I think that's the only way that could ever happen.

EMPs from whatever source are a real threat.
More likely threats include but are not limited to: Yellowstone, gamma ray bursts, asteroids and comets, global pandemics, and/or anything that destroys the magnetic field that protects us from cosmic radiation, and global Waynedemics


Posted 1:25 am, 01/14/2018

The EMP threat is real and scary 168amax.... And to think it could happen with nukes or even a bad solar flare..... Scary stuff

I practice survival and bushcrafting as a hobby but my skills would only help me survive for the short-term..... Only the ppl who've adopted off-grid living as a lifestyle and not just hobby would be the only ones that would survive an end-game scenario.


Posted 1:04 am, 01/14/2018

The tipping point draws near


Posted 12:56 am, 01/14/2018

The biggest threat to wilkes is our Wayne-to-non-Wayne ratio..... Once wilkes reaches a certain Wayne contamination level, we have no hope of survival


Posted 12:08 am, 01/14/2018

I just don't think there will be a nuke war. More like some kind of virus instead will be more likely.


Posted 12:05 am, 01/14/2018

If we lose the power grid to something like a EMP which many planners feel is the biggest threat the death toll would be in the millions. What do you think the major cities would be like after a week of no power no food no water. Most stores have a 3 day supply of food on hand when that's gone that's it. Any thing with a chip would be fried including all modern vehs.


Posted 10:56 pm, 01/13/2018

In your heeead. In your heeeeeeaaad. 😛


Posted 10:53 pm, 01/13/2018

No one in their right mind would ever nuke us anyway. I really doubt that will ever be a problem. I am much more concerned over a zombie out break.


Posted 10:46 pm, 01/13/2018

I can assure you that Oak Ridge, Tennessee is very much in use.
Savannah River Site is still in use although not for weapons research.
Primary targets will be military assets, leadership, and weapons storage.


Posted 10:31 pm, 01/13/2018

Wilkes has really dumb people and they are really easy to take advantage of as long as you say praise God and dump on poor people.


Posted 10:27 pm, 01/13/2018



Posted 10:15 pm, 01/13/2018

I can't respond to you goddess. To many words bannered.


Posted 10:14 pm, 01/13/2018

Wilkes has the best chance to survive out of any place in the US.

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