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well,lockdown shelter in place?


Posted 6:54 pm, 11/22/2020

And you told me not to be rude godess.remember? Not lady like at all.
This a pretty **** serious situation.


Posted 3:37 pm, 11/22/2020

most of you folks need to be "locked down"...just because you're breathing!!!


Posted 12:45 pm, 11/22/2020

As painful and economically devastating as it will be, the ONLY way to bring down the infection numbers will be with a total shut down across the country.


Posted 11:32 am, 11/22/2020

tmann (view profile)

Posted 7:46 am, 11/22/2020

Bestill- some of my family members have had it. They are fine now.

But what about everyone else that lost loved ones; as usual you only think of yourself.


Posted 10:54 am, 11/22/2020

Uh guys and ladys...I didn't gather my statements validity. From only media sources. Actually I just read them and retain the info. My main train of thought and or opinion. Is definitely based upon see saw watched.
On an normal day. At the WFBMC campus in Winston. It's an gigantic human bees nest. Full of activity all over. Back in May 2020? Like the movie 28 days later (watch it).
Instilling paranoia or attempting to freak yawl out? NO.
I saw empty halls,elevators,main foyer and parking deck. 2% of what's the normal there.
My word of Honor on this tool.
Now,masks while driving? Overboard to me. But????
Maybe it's their way of. Remembering to have it on before shopping? To each their is a definite given.
I'm 100% in support of doing what is necessary. To protect the peoples,everywhere.
The flu sums indeed. From what many friends from all over Earth. That has had it,recovered. It changed their life from a terrible trauma, stories from. Friends whose family friends have died from it.
Why take a chance? I'm not.
I'm sure you can fiend a friendly gane. Of Russian roulette in a Bangkok back alley. Same thing. Respect.


Posted 7:46 am, 11/22/2020

Bestill- some of my family members have had it. They are fine now.


Posted 12:46 am, 11/22/2020

Tmann, it seems you are assuming an acceptable risk of your own life, but this is not about you. It is about the people you love. They are the one's whose life you are risking. I guess if it acceptable to you that they die...well.


Posted 11:30 pm, 11/21/2020

Good for you!

It's good to live a normal life.


Posted 10:57 pm, 11/21/2020

Tmann, don't worry about us. I spent the vast majority of the day outside :) I ran around my house kicking a ball for part of it!

Then I watched.two specials. Happy times!


Posted 10:34 pm, 11/21/2020

Ht, covid isnt racist. But fearmongering people are subject any whim of the media. Turn the tv off...go live.


Posted 10:31 pm, 11/21/2020

Moon, I just saw your post. Yes, i have seen people driving with masks on. If they're alone, they are probably just slackers. I have seen people just wear them to not have to put them off and on.


Posted 10:24 pm, 11/21/2020

One of my friends outright told me that this was disproportionately affecting people of color and basically told me that white people should not worry. My best friend's father in law told me the same thing. A lot of people are using this to rationalize being irresponsible in public.

Therefore, I'm just saying : this could happen to anyone.


Posted 10:02 pm, 11/21/2020

black and brown?

what are you talking about?


Posted 10:00 pm, 11/21/2020

These are three different stories from three different sources and all involve random ages from 6 (Wilkes county resident) to 19 (Appalachian.student) and the other a 52 year old from NY.

If you think this only happens to black and brown people, you should look at the pictures. This can happen to ANYBODY and we should try to support each other.


Posted 9:59 pm, 11/21/2020


There is nothing wrong with being careful.
What is going on in this great country right now pisses me off!!!
Driving alone in your personal vehicle with a mask on?
Are g crazy?


Posted 9:57 pm, 11/21/2020

Ht...and your links prove that death awaits us all. But until then ....live.


Posted 9:41 pm, 11/21/2020

Yea, folkes with heart problems and lung problems and cancer and a low immune system die from the flu every single year


Posted 9:27 pm, 11/21/2020

Oh Metal, I am so glad you're being careful! It's pretty insidious as a virus. My friend said it's like an art project : if one person is using glitter, how many people have glitter in their project at the end?


Posted 6:22 pm, 11/21/2020

RNR,yeah man,I know.numbers don't lie,respectfully. I had my open heart at baptist.just as the lockdown began.
It got very very creepy very fast. I thought I was in some sci-fi movie.
Then a couple months later. I was there for a 2 day observation. Just trust me on this. It's very real and can be deadly. For many different ages,especially those. With lung and heart trouble. I highly suggest be highly vigilant.
@HT..I do. I didn't for months.with what I have encountered etc? ON GUARD.

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