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Posted 4:25 pm, 11/23/2020

Welp,made my mind up for me.


Posted 3:19 pm, 11/23/2020

First Mental. PTSD has nothing to do with your mental capacity.

You see what you have is a Mental problem due to your learning disability.

You don't have PTSD. It's a insult to the folks that do for you to suggest such a thing.

Let's start from the Beginning shall we.
The title of this thread is Wendy's

What does it say after Mental?

Why is Wendy's on 2nd street closed?

Then your response is:
Wendy's of Wilkesboro College st is NOT CLOSED.
I just got a triple bacon burger. Not less than 30 minutes ago.

You see?

You can't Retain that information long enough to be able to make the decision or Weigh up the information available to make the decision and then Communicate your decision.

And I see your back to your threats again as well

Guess that Jesus thing isn't working for either is it?


Posted 10:30 am, 11/23/2020

Metaltrucker has PDST? He never got it from the military. Most likely he got it while in jail for assulting vending machines.


Posted 9:39 am, 11/23/2020

Man, a lot of good solid information on this site.


Posted 9:38 am, 11/23/2020

Learn to write a proper sentence if you don't want to be called names.


Posted 7:06 pm, 11/22/2020

@Smonk i would appreciate. Enough respect as to not. Call me a derogatory name.
If PTSD makes a person "mental"? Then include virtually every US Military soldier. That's been in live fire combat. Paints a very different picture. Now,since I suffer with PTSD you feel the need. To call all of us "mental?"
Now,this can settle or it can get bad real fast. I give you respect by not adressing you,avoiding your posts.
Strike 2


Posted 12:09 pm, 11/22/2020

Only the drive thru was open at Wendy's on 2nd street yesterday evening.


Posted 12:09 pm, 11/22/2020

Lack of interest ROTFLMAO


Posted 8:14 am, 11/22/2020

Mental on 2nd street.


Posted 8:16 pm, 11/21/2020

That's a lot of grease. Food like that.. might be one reason we are experiencing a toilet paper shortage.


Posted 8:07 pm, 11/21/2020

Wendy's of Wilkesboro College st is NOT CLOSED.
I just got a triple bacon burger. Not less than 30 minutes ago.


Posted 7:24 pm, 11/21/2020

Bojangles in Wilkesboro and Kotos are also closed due to Covid from what I hear. Soon those of us that are to lazy to cook will starve.


Posted 4:31 pm, 11/21/2020

Probably covid related. A lot of restaurants take a break if there is a cluster among their staff.

sparkling water

Posted 4:01 pm, 11/21/2020

Thete is a rumor that Dave Thomas had died.


Posted 3:48 pm, 11/21/2020

One of the employees came down with typhoid. If you ate there, you'll wish it was Covid


Posted 3:46 pm, 11/21/2020

Why is Wendy's on 2nd street closed?

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