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Wilkes Best Attorney for traffic ticket


Posted 2:13 pm, 04/04/2024

US 421 NEEDS A BY PASS BAD.VERY VERY BAD..between dodging vagrants climbing.out of that gulley.nice NO Tresspassing sign.
That one's on you CF. yep.go look.
And the "crackerjack 400" between 268 and 16/421 crossroads.
Your gonna need a helmet and shouldermapads.
An explosion of traffic,75% thru traffic.
Vannoy. Bring and arm or leg.but? You wanted one with a big win bracket.


Posted 2:08 pm, 04/04/2024

If people would obey traffic laws then they would not need attorney's. I had some redneck to pass me in a no passing zone just a few days and I wasn't going under the speed limit either. People really need to mire considert on the roadways.


Posted 7:25 am, 04/04/2024

Jay Vannoy...it's gonna cost ya, he's not cheap!

Joseph T.

Posted 9:21 pm, 04/03/2024

I would say Bill Brooks but he is a judge now however his law partner was pretty good but I don't remember his name.


Posted 5:54 pm, 04/03/2024

Go talk to the DA yourself before your court date. Most of the time you can take care of a ticket yourself just as well as an attorney. Unless it's a DUI then you might need some help. Vannoy or York would be my pick.


Posted 4:59 pm, 04/03/2024

You reckon the poor feller and the Donald also would get more sympathy if they's a tad more humble or what? Is passing noodies and dog fighting and DV reports on a feller forgivable if he ain't a claiming to be a Christian also, just WTF r u trying to imply, Thom.

Thomas Hobbes

Posted 4:49 pm, 04/03/2024

I think the reason folks are so mad is his pretentious attitude and using God when it suits him. And the wannabe John Dutton hat. That too.


Posted 4:45 pm, 04/03/2024

Our sources said Greene ain't the only big shot in the county associated with dog and or chicken fighting, poor feller is the one taking the brunt of the democrat's hissy fit over it tho. Younguns would think they ain't no lefties involved in such or something.


Posted 4:35 pm, 04/03/2024

Are you referring to Greene?


Posted 4:25 pm, 04/03/2024

Does it matter if he's a dog fighter or not?


Posted 4:22 pm, 04/03/2024

Who are the best attorneys in Wilkes, that will actually try to help you with a traffic violation., instead of take your money and do nothing

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