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Posted 4:42 pm, 06/30/2020

Trumps endorsement list is actually sad. No one likes him.


Posted 4:41 pm, 06/30/2020

By far


Posted 4:36 pm, 06/30/2020

That list is much better.


Posted 4:35 pm, 06/30/2020

I think so. People sure love sharing his gargle.


Posted 4:34 pm, 06/30/2020

Meanwhile Biden

Billie Jean King-**** tennis player
Megan Rappione-makes conservative heads explode
Mark Cuban-one of the best owners in basketball
Andrew Yang-cool guy. Seems to know whats up
Dave Bautista-he will kick your ***
Jimmy Buffett-great beach music and chill guy
Don Cheadle-good actor
Cher-she's got some chords
David Crosby-great band
Snoop Dog-chill like Willie
Tom Hanks-he is the man
Don Henley and Joe Walsh-who doesn't love The Eagles
Jay Leno-Tonight Show hasn't been the same without him
Seth McFarlane- Family Guy genius
Alyssa Milano-she's hot
Willie Nelson- cool man. Good music
Patton Osrwalt- hilarious
Jon Stewart- The Today Show

We can go on if needed


Posted 4:30 pm, 06/30/2020

I can't even think of anything Ben Shapiro has actually accomplished.

Isn't he the guy who runs away from debating people he disagrees with?


Posted 4:26 pm, 06/30/2020

Kid Rock? Pos white trash wannabe loser
Ted Nugent? Bat**** crazy
Roseanne? Psycho *****
Bobby Knight? Not fit to coach your kids rec ball team
Mike Tyson? He'll bite your ear off
Gary Busey? Crack head
Dennis Rodman? Obsessed with Kim Jung. Kicks people
Kanye? We won't even get into that onr
Ben Shaprio? Wears tinfoil hats


Posted 4:23 pm, 06/30/2020

Name one. I'll wait.

Kid Rock sucks, by the way.

Hillary is a murderer

Posted 4:22 pm, 06/30/2020

Everyone who supports Trump is cool.

Wish you were cool.


Posted 4:16 pm, 06/30/2020

Does Drumpf have anyone cool who endorses him? Anyone?


Posted 10:30 am, 06/30/2020

Well, he got in all that trouble, remember? Smoking weed at the White House and all. Wasn't he on the roof and had to explain himself? That was so long ago, I forget. He was old then, no wonder I think he is dead.


Posted 10:26 am, 06/30/2020

No way at all. Maybe Willie will send Trump some of the green. That uptight could use something to calm his nerves.


Posted 10:21 am, 06/30/2020

And seriously, dead or alive...Did you think that dude would endorse Trump? I cannot even image it.


Posted 10:21 am, 06/30/2020

The ganja keeps him going. I know several uptight ninnies that could probably benefit from a smoke or 2.


Posted 10:19 am, 06/30/2020


Of course I think Willie is dead. Why are folks always saying he is dead? Honestly, every time I hear internet conspiracies that he died, I grieve. I remember when he was young, and he looked really old as a young man, so it makes sense considering his age that he would be dead by now. Knowing he is still alive gives me hope!


Posted 10:10 am, 06/30/2020

People might bit be so uptight if they lived a life like Willies.


Posted 11:33 pm, 06/29/2020

Willie will have the medicine that will cure Old Joe. Joe will be setting up grow lights by in the morning.

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