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Things you buy at the grocery store that does not relate to food
It is no wonder our grocery bill is so much each week

It's bedtime.
Go to sleep. Now, ****it.

2 Word Game
Delete 1 Word and make a new Word : Example Telephone Book Book Club Club House Open House

New Package Etiquette
When sending items through the mail, please be thoughtful enough to indicate in large letters whether there is a bomb in the package. Oth...

If you hear it thunder while it is snowing, you will develop excessive earwax before the next full moon.

The Third Day
Numbers 19:12 He shall purify himself with it on the third day, and on the seventh day he shall be clean: but if he purify not himself th...

Last person to post win's
easy game just be the last person to post and win!

The Rapture
I am aware this has been debate almost as much as political crap on this site but I am up for a serious debate on this topic. I want seri...

TV Doctors with Australian or English Accents
are 40% more effective in diagnosing and treating exotic illnesses than their American counterparts. It still takes an average of 58 minu...

WXII WINSTON SALEM, N.C. The Forsyth Public Library was evacuated after staff found an unattended plastic bottle in the men’s bathroom...

County Commissioners
I'll get right to the point. Wilkes County is a great place but we have some problems. Poverty, declining industries, drugs, and poor health

warm weather to make comeback!
Looks like milder weather is a coming to our neck of the woods. Long range show some impressive warm daytime temperatures!

Is there a stomach virus going around
I woke up Monday with a upset stomach I have had diarrhea for two days.

The Parable of the good Samaritan.
On one occasion an expert in the law stood up to test Jesus. “Teacher,” he asked, “what must I do to inherit eternal life?” 26 ...

The artificial intelligence is starting to revolt
Self driving Uber car takes out a pedestrian in Arizona.

Poverty in Wilkes
What is the best way to tackle poverty in Wilkes? First we need to bring good paying jobs back to Wilkes.

Trump Congratulates Putin On His Big Election 'Win'
Yeah, he really did. https://crooksandliars.com/...is big win

Hillary Resurfaces, Offers No Apology To "Racist" Trump Voters, Insults "White Women" With Husbands
Crooked Hillary's hatred and bitterness is consuming her like a cancer. Don't you just love it! https://www.zerohedg...hite women

Things that CLICK
Computer Mouse

What's for dinner thread?
Let's start a new one ..


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