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20,000 at Trump's NC rally!
Except... the venue only holds 7,500 people: https://www.newsobserver.co...82787.html But it's OK, you see, cause they were counting peop...

Transgenders using shower rooms
How's does this make you feel as a women if a man dressed like a women walks up into a shower room with naked women and children changing?

Bernie’s staffers are upset that they don’t make $15
The campaign figured out a way to solve this. Work the workers less hours so they average more per hour. Apparently there is a limit to h...

For the Perpetually Angry Leftists
I am concerned for you. You are not having any fun. Watch this and relax: https://youtu.be/kbnXZRNMouM

Last person to post win's
easy game just be the last person to post and win!

Christians have the words of Jesus. Why don't you keep the FAITH in them.
Don't be a hearer of word only but be doers of The WORD of Jesus. I found this on you tube. It was made by Christians. Have ears to hear....

In light of the opiate addiction problem
There is FREE help in this county that doesn't involve a clinic . I can finally say with their help my step sister is clean and sober for...

San Francisco Will Spend $600,000 erase history!!
First it was statues and now a painting in George Washington High School, https://xenagoguevicene.wor...june 2019

Don’t everyone answer at once!
https://www.gowilkes.com/pm...4412 0.jpg

This is from the prophet Isaiah first chapter.
Hear the word of the Lord, you rulers of Sodom; listen to the instruction of our God, you people of Gomorrah! 11 "The multitude of y...

Automotive question....
My car still has heat and ac....but it I'd not blowing out as strong as it use to. I am fixing it myself Is it 1. A fuse 2. The fan motor...

Jussie Smollett Update

Wonder Why mooron Does'nt Pay His Bills ?
https://www.newsweek.com/de...nt 1172941 But he loves America's values ? Right

Pennsylvania School District Threatens to Take Kids from Parents who don’t PAY for School Lunches
Wonder if they will put em in cages: https://www.usnews.com/news...ol lunches

A great number of people wear Cowboy Hats
... but never herd cattle.

2 Word Game
Delete 1 Word and make a new Word : Example Telephone Book Book Club Club House Open House

A President who CARES for People of Color

Who Hates America ?
Ilman voted to provide further funding for the 911 First Responders Victim Fund Good ol patriotic gop'er Rand Paul voted NO...Just being ...

Has turtlr face Been Taking Lessons in Lying from mooron ?
https://www.newsweek.com/de...nt 1172941 These programs ARE ALL SELF FUNDED

Remembering Richard Nixon
The President who put Man on the Moon. 50 Years Ago Today.


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