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Trump floated the idea of repainting his private plane to look just like Air Force One 'as a way of
Taunting Biden. LMFAO

Bidenís disasters continue
Have you seen videos of thousands of people under bridges in Texas waiting to be apprehended? What a disaster. 3 year and infant left aba...

Bidenís team lied
They admitted they killed an aid worker and his 7 children and 3 other people. Biden continues to kill innocent people.

Why can't we have a Topic titled OFF TOPIC? Where we could post nonsensical statements as long as...

MMA Dojo in Wilkes
I have been watching a lot of the United Fighter Championship lately and am interested in getting started. Anyone know a sensei located i...

At some point we must consider that SCIENCE has no clue.
https://www.timesofisrael.c...d heights

So what happened today during the Joe Bidenís presidency?
In one day in Joe Biden's presidency. 1. They had to admit they killed an innocent man/wife and 7 children. 2. They had to retract their ...

Wilkes Hospital
I keep seeing on social media complaints of waiting times, patients all over the place etc. etc. etc. None of them seem to give any thoug...

who's at fault
According to the repub's in the 8 months that Biden's been in office everything that has gone wrong is his fault. But in the 4 years that...

By tewnty twentyfive the power sector will be carbon free boom, boom and out go the lights!

Which are you?
There are two distinct groups of people emerging in this country. You can tell where they land by the decisions they make, and they don't...

To thy own self be TRUE. Happy Sabbath Day..
Speak thou also unto the children of Israel, saying, Verily my sabbaths ye shall keep: for it is a sign between me and you throughout you...

What is racism?
Traditionally, the definition of racism is race neutral and requires some sort of free will of the aggressor: the belief that a particula...

Whats for dinner thread
What happened to the whats for dinner thread

Moving a Modular Home
Does anyone know who would be willing to move a modular home in Wilkes? Thank you in advance.

The President wanted to make a statement that we are tough on those who killed our troops.

Blak Peeps Canít get their Picture Taken in NC

Vaccine cells taken from abortions
Now, let's break down the science Fetal cell lines are cells that grow in a laboratory. They descend from cells taken from abortions in t...

Who is going to the ďJustice for J6Ē rally tomorrow?
and what will you be wearing and carrying? Costume parties are so stressful for some of us.

Rump called Robert E Lee the greatest general


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