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Masked Crazy Woman in Wilkesboro Today
My wife and i went out to eat today as we do most days. A couple with a child (all masked) entered the building in front of us. They beca...

Biden said he does not know what Republicans stand for
Let me help. 1. Law and order 2. Lower taxes 3 Nation sovereignty 4. Individual liberty 5. Capitalism 6. Right to Life 6. Smaller governm...

It has been a bad week for Democrats
As Democrat scrambled to walk back most of what Biden said in one of his few public appearances, we can't help but to have "some&quo...

132 COVID cases
Wilkes recorded 132 COVID cases for Thursday (yesterday). Be careful out there.

Putin is mocking Biden
https://www.gowilkes.com/pm...9787 0.jpg

Happy Sabbath Day. The day God made for you to rest from your LABOR.

Biden gets fresh sniff of the cacklers hair
He said the urine and cigarette smoke is gone and he thinks she is a keeper https://www.foxnews.com/pol...i love you

179 COVID cases 1/21
179 cases reported for Friday. Be careful out there.

It's been a while since I been to Wilkes and was going to go up to Dooleys tavern and was wondering do they stay open late on the weekend...

Meat Loaf has died at 74
Rest In Peace

Rump rally exclusive video

Worst President Ever

Donít lose focus looking at Rump
https://encrypted tbn0.gsta...lwD4DDk1mA He is still a Fascist, as are his brainlocked followers 😎

Hannity and Trump have it all figured out

Snow this weekend
Get ready for a nice big snow Sunday 😎

Study that shows efficiency of wearing a mask
Noncontact transmission was found in 66.7% (10/15) of exposed naive hamsters. Surgical mask partition for challenged index or naive hamst...

Why??? If you break one you break them all. Christian= Commandment Breakers by choice
Why is it so important to Christianity to rest on the first day of the week instead of Resting the Seventh Day? It's the 4th Commandment ...

I got called for federal jury duty
So heads up, one of you are getting the chair

Snowing again!
****it, Rosie, get yer *** back in the house and quit dancing!!

Biden gives Green light to Putin to invade.


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