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I just wish you right wing crazies would hurry up and start your own country.


Posted 1:35 pm, 09/23/2022

I am not going to fight anyone. If it comes to a fight, I will just shoot them. I am not going to take the chance of getting hurt just to prove to you how brave I am.


Posted 12:40 pm, 09/23/2022

Fred I'm no psychologist but I don't think acumen would have the balls to fight anyone. I would say if he was face to face with a situation to fight he would pee his pants.


Posted 12:22 pm, 09/23/2022


Posted 10:35 am, 09/23/2022

I thought Acu was going to kill us all

Only if you start a civil war.

Albert Pike

Posted 11:08 am, 09/23/2022

Whether you like or believe Breitbart or not you showed your true self immediately afterwards. But since you apparently don't trust anything from Breitbart, how do you feel about the News Observer,



Posted 10:35 am, 09/23/2022

I thought Acu was going to kill us all


Posted 10:17 am, 09/23/2022

DB Cooper (view profile)
Posted 8:58 am, 09/23/2022
Apparently the cold-blooded murder of our law enforcement officers doesn't bother Bestill.

What a pathetic little creature she is.

They have my thoughts and prayers.


Posted 10:13 am, 09/23/2022

All you got is Breitbart?


Posted 10:04 am, 09/23/2022

The righties don't have to start their own country, I'm sure Putin would welcome them with open arms. Maybe some of 'em could join the Russian armed forces, that way they could fight against Ukraine directly instead of beeching about how much money we're spending to help them.


Posted 9:16 am, 09/23/2022

There is a bunch of left winger democrats on gowilkes that are pathetic not only Bestill.

DB Cooper

Posted 8:58 am, 09/23/2022

Apparently the cold-blooded murder of our law enforcement officers doesn't bother Bestill.

What a pathetic little creature she is.


Posted 8:49 am, 09/23/2022

Who built our infrastructure, DB? Chinese and Irish illegals.


Posted 8:45 am, 09/23/2022

Yada, Yada, Yada, DB


Posted 8:40 am, 09/23/2022

Seriously, check out great roads! Asia puts us to shame!

DB Cooper

Posted 8:37 am, 09/23/2022

Illegal Immigrants Arrested For Murder Of Wake County Deputy

One of the illegal immigrants charged with the murder of Wake County Deputy Ned Byrd allegedly told police that the veteran deputy was shot after he stopped to check on their vehicle while they were going out deer hunting, according to investigators. Deputy Byrd, 48, was fatally shot while out on patrol on the night of Aug. 11.

He suffered multiple gunshot wounds in the deadly attack, including at least one to the back of his head, The News & Observer reported.

The alleged gunmen, brothers Arturo Marin-Sotelo, 29, and Alder Marin-Sotelo, 25, were arrested in Burke County on Aug. 16 and were subsequently charged with Deputy Byrd's murder, WTVD reported.

U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has also placed detainers on the suspects for being in the country illegally, but concerns have been raised regarding whether or not Wake County will honor those detainers due to its status as a sanctuary jurisdiction, Breitbart reported.



Posted 8:36 am, 09/23/2022

Seriously, we are still first world. Just because we have crappy infrastructure does not mean we are third world. Lot's of third world countries have better roads and cheap high end public transit. We can catch up!

DB Cooper

Posted 8:27 am, 09/23/2022

Pedo Joe Biden and the dimocrats are allowing the third world to invade America every single day. Over 2 million in the last 11 months. Many are criminals.

Vote against every dimocrat you see on a ballot in November.


Posted 8:10 am, 09/23/2022



Posted 6:55 am, 09/23/2022

I know we lag behind in infrastructure, but 3rd world?


Posted 6:52 am, 09/23/2022

The dunce believe our homeland is third world. Clearly, she has never traveled.


Posted 5:43 am, 09/23/2022

Just shut up and stop telling your lies you stupid cow.

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