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It was a beautiful impeachment. People who watched the impeachment said it was the most


Posted 6:35 pm, 01/14/2021

Trump will go down in history as the President who was impeached twice in his first four years in office.


Posted 6:30 pm, 01/14/2021

A man can not control the actions of his girlfriend. I bet your wife is cheating on you and you don't know it.

Hillary is a murderer

Posted 6:26 pm, 01/14/2021

So a Congressman who had a relationship with a Chinese spy gets to be an impeachment manager? Make sense.


Posted 8:12 am, 01/14/2021

Look where most of them are from. With the exception of the knee jerk reaction of Liz Cheney after being outed in Trumps speech, most others are Rhinos in Democrat States trying to live in the middle.


Posted 8:09 am, 01/14/2021

So after all the whining about Pelosi, no one has a comment about the 10 GOP who voted "yay"?


Posted 8:07 am, 01/14/2021

With Democrat standards for impeachment I am sure you are right. The very term impeachment has lost it's significance. When you abuse something it becomes less valuable. Something you might consider in the future.


Posted 8:05 am, 01/14/2021

Considering everyday he said or did something I'm sure she could have impeached him at least 20+ times.

So much winning.


Posted 6:40 am, 01/14/2021

So sad Nazi Pelosi has dragged her feet and missed out on such a beautiful thing. If she had only know, she could have impeached Trump every day for the past 4 years. Since it only takes a day to do it and we know she had plenty of days where she accomplished nothing, she could have at least had an impeachment. History will not be kind to her, and once Democrats see her missed opportunity she may lose support..

Deep Creek

Posted 6:21 am, 01/14/2021

It was beautiful.It reaffirmed that My status as a Black klansman is still intact.


Posted 10:04 pm, 01/13/2021

If they thought the riots before were bad, I'm sure there are worse riots coming.


Posted 10:02 pm, 01/13/2021

Only Trump could have the perfect impeachment. Yet another remarkable achievement.


Posted 8:56 pm, 01/13/2021

Yes, a beautiful impeachment. Probably one of the best I have seen this year. Actually I think I might have enjoyed it more if the players were different. Nancy has outran her expiration date. I think new actors would help, but really just the word impeachment has lost a lot of significance in the past year. There is not enough drama when you don't allow a hearing. It is more like a circle jerk.


Posted 8:43 pm, 01/13/2021

sparkling water

Posted 7:19 pm, 01/13/2021

Red is generally undesirable as a person, but this thread was chuckle worthy.


Posted 7:00 pm, 01/13/2021

I really love to see bipartisanship.


Posted 6:55 pm, 01/13/2021

beautiful impeachment ever. People who know impeachments say they have never seen one like it before. It was perfect. No one could have done it more perfect. It was an impeachment that will go down in history. In the history of impeachments, this impeachment was tremendous. Some people are saying there will never be another impeachment like it.

When it comes to impeachments, this impeachment will be second to one.

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